This is a breathtakingly large room with XIX century features that include an original plaster ceiling and antique furniture. The en suite bathroom features Poggi Ginori furniture (including bidet) as well as luxurious under floor heating.

* Carlo Rossi 1775—1849

The famous Italian architect, who worked the major portion of his life in Russia. He was the author of many classical buildings and architectural ensembles in Saint Petersburg and its environments

Works in St Petersburg:

Yelagin Palace with the hothouse and the pavilions;

Reconstrustion of Anichkov Palace;

The ensemble of Saint Michael’s Palace with square and park;

The ensemble of Palace (Dvortsovaya) Square, Building of the General Staff and triumphal arch;

The ensemble of Palace Senate area with buildings of the Senate and Synod;

The ensemble of Alexandrinskaya Square and Alexandrinsky Theater;

The facade of the Russian National Library, which faces Alexandrinskaya Square;

Rossi steet.